League Manager

About Us

Need someone to run your Poker League? Your golf League? How about a March Madness Fantacy Draft League? This software will do everything from manage your Contact list, build Seasons, define and track individual tournaments and/or games, handle payouts and points, and provide real time standings.

This software will do everything. It will even run your poker events. Notify you of level changes and provide a means to do addon's and rebuys.

Golf Leagues are no problem. Entry is easy and available real time on the web. It will build the Season, track handicaps, and the weekly results. All effort is gone from the process. Let us take care of your Golf League management.

The Poker portion of this software can do everything you need to run a home based poker league.

The March Madness Fantasy Draft comes from a cool little league my friend Eric Christensen runs. This year this site will track March Madness for the first time. This is where we draft players in the March Madness tournament and the application will track the tournament and provide real time standings and stats. The features of this League include:

Coming soon will be a Golf League Manager.