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2012 WSOP

Event ??

Buy-In: $1,500

Number of Entries: 2,500

Total Net Prize Pool: $3,375,000

Number of Places Paid: 270

First Place Prize: $599,153

My day began in the Purple section of the Amazon room.

Table 424 Seat 2

This was another case of I should not have taken a dinner break. I am not sure i won a pot after the dinner break.

Day 1

Time Notes from the tournament
Level 1
Chip count $4,500
This blind level was pretty quiet. The button took most pots. I did a minimum raise on the button pretty much every time. Even with this i did not have a good first level. Very cold deck.
Level 2
Chip count $4,100
This level was better. Made a few hands and doubled my stack. Also had a table change in this level.
Brazilia Room
Table 16
Seat 3
Level 3
Chip count $8,850
A hand of note was one where I got into a hand with grouchy oldder fellow. I think he was getting tired of getting reraised.

So of course I reraised him with an AK. Flop came K-J-garbage. I bet the flop, he called. I think I knew right there that he outflopped me.

The turn was nothing so I bet again. He raised. The problem here is that I suspected he had out flopped me, but there were 3 hearts on the board. I had the A of hearts.

So the question is to do I call hoping to hit the heart on the river? Well, I did, and it came. He went all in, I called.

Needless to say, he started barking at me. I said yes sir, you got lucky on the flop and I got lucky on the the river, so lets call it even. He was very angry
Level 4
Chip count $9,700
Well that AK. They say its a good hand. Twice in this level I had AK, twice I raised preflop, and twice I flopped a King.

Unfortunately, both times I lost to J-9. Once when he got 2 pair, and one that got a straight.
Level 5
Chip count $6,000
Quiet level except a pretty big bluff. I only had a flush draw but it was already a fairly big pot.
Level 6
Chip count $7,700
1,500 players left
Dinner Break


Wish we never broke for dinner. As you will see when we got back I went so cold I could not even steal a pot. My button hands all seemed to be 7-2 or 5-2 or 6-2. It was very frustrating.

Back to the game

Time Notes from the tournament
Level 7
Chip count $8,350
Cold Cold Cold
Level 8
Chip count $6,000
Can't win chips if you do not play any hands. Hard to play hands when you do not get anything to play with.

I am done

Looks like there was 800 players left.