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2008 Seat Assignments

Player Table Seat
Dale 25 5
Jeff 9 1

Day 1

Time Notes from the tournament
1:00 PM Bunch of crazy kids at the table. Just need to wait em out.
1:30 PM Caught one of the kids being overly aggressive and doubled up with a full house (J's over A's). Chip count is 3,950
2:20 PM Thinned out the crazies a bit, then got rollin. Built my Chip count up to 5,325.
3:40 PM Moved to Table 24 Seat 3. Sat 2 seats from Humberto Brenes. Went cold at this point.
4:00 PM 1,400 players left. Dale went out. Sorry Dale.
Made 2 big laydowns. Folded Pocket 10's to someone's reraise. He showed Pocket Kings.
Also folded two pair on the turn. There was an all in and a call on the turn. I would have lost to a straight.
4:50 PM 1,105 players left, doubled up with "A high" to get off life support. Chip count is 2,625.
5:30 PM Moved to Table 11 Seat 8. 2 guys I recognize. 1 Guy from last year's main event with misplayed AA's (I think).
Also recognized a Nerdy looking guy I saw on WPT.
Got into a hand with him and flopped 2 pair (Kings and Queens). Bet the flop, turn and river. He called and mucked. I think he had AK. Great hand for me.
Right after that I won a small but nice pot with a full house 8's over 2's. Chip count up to 7,075.
6:15 PM Moved to Table 50 Seat 5. 720 players left. Chip count is 8,325.
6:52 PM Dinner Break.
I believe the average chip count was about $13,000. i am a little behind but not in a terrible position.



For the life of me I cannot remember his name but the man sitting next to me was a professional player and we got to talking. He found out I was an old wrestler so we ended up talking about his son, who wrestles for American University and wrestled in Nationals this year.

He told me that he had 10 cashes at the WSOP but no final tables. At dinner Humberto walked by and I bragged that I got to play against him earlier. The pro said, wanna see what he is doing for dinner? And the next thing I know we are all three going to dinner together. He knew Humberto.

On our way we stopped to watch the RIO show. I found myself standing in the middle of a bunch of poker players the I recognized from TV. It was an experience that I will never forget.

Back to the game

Time Notes from the tournament
8:22 PM 591 players left
8:45 PM Got caught tryin to steal blinds. Big blind went all in with KJ. I had great pot odds so I called. Completely missed but won the pot anyway with Ace high (A-8 I think). He was not happy with me.
9:07 PM Moved to Table 26 Seat 1. 475 players left: One guy looked familiar but not sure. Chip count is 10,500
9:45 PM 430 players left.
10:00 PM 380 players left.
Play is so tight. Getting close to the money. Raised on the button almost every time: It worked well.
10:30 PM 360 players left. Chip count is 15,100. Average chip count is about $22,000. Again, a little behind, but not bad.
11:00 PM I think I made a mistake here. I did not reraise with AK before the flop. Should have been more aggressive. So, when I got re-raised on the flop by a big stack, I felt I needed to fold. Played the hand wrong and it cost me over $3,000.
11:33 PM 282 players left.
11:47 PM 279 players left. Chip count is 11,700
Midnight. 272 players left.
12:15 PM 270 players left. IN THE MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
12:55 AM Down to about $8000 in chips. Made my second mistake of the day. We checked down to the river. I bluffed with about half my chips. Got called by a A high. Jerk. They said he had been doing it all night.
End of Day 1. Chip count after my unsuccessful bluff is 4,100. Now I am in very big trouble.

Day 2


When I arrived at the Rio for day 2, I found that I had been moved to the Brazilia room. There, I was assigned to Table 11 Seat 17. As luck would have it I found myself in the big blind on the first hand. The anti and blind added up to half of my chip stack. After considering it, I just did not feel like I could fold half of my chip stack. No Matter what my hand was.

So my 56 got matched up against AA. Did have a straight draw at the river, but unfortunately I was done on the first hand of Day 2.

Finished 217 out of a field of 2,720 players. What a thrill.